Sunday, June 18, 2017


Just painted up the first of my 28mm Eureka Minis WW2 Aussies. Mine all have Owen guns or Bren Guns as I am making them up as late war Commandos. The native carriers are from Company B.

Friday, June 2, 2017

28mm SYW Prussian Cuirassiers

Here are a couple of SYW Prussian Cuirassier units that needed some finishing touches.
The flag/vexillum, sabretaches, minor details and basing were completed last weekend and they have come up quite well.
Foundry figures.

The Gardes du Corps only had 3 squadrons but I gave them the standard 12 figures.

The Friedrich von Brandenburg Cuirassiers were a solid unit with combat service against the Russians and had a nice colour scheme. One figure lost his if anyone happens to have a spare...😁

I'm working on some infantry next, then perhaps some artillery.


 Gardes du Corps
Friedrich von Brandenburg Cuirassiers  
Side views 
Rear views 
More labels for when I get senile